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Dr. James Rand

Dr. James Rand has held technology leadership positions in the solar field with both large and small companies for the past 25 years. Dr. Rand plays an active role in the global photovoltaic research community – both academic and industrial. Presently, Dr. Rand consults as an expert in legal and technical matters associated with silicon-based PV. In addition, he teaches at the University of Delaware. Most recently Dr. Rand was a "Consulting Engineer" at GE Energy, a position similar to chief scientist at other large technology firms. Prior to that, Dr. Rand was Vice President of Research and Development at AstroPower, the first pure-solar public company. He has a PhD and MS in electrical engineering from the University of Delaware, and a BA with high honors from the University of Virginia. Dr. Rand has authored over 70 publications and holds 8 patents on all aspects of photovoltaics. He is the Industrial Board Chairman of the Silicon Solar Consortium, and a long time member of program committees for a number of international conferences. (FULL CV)

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